Artemis Greenleaf
Purveyor of fine collocations. 

Tween and Teen Books by Artemis Greenleaf

Confessions of a Troll

When sixteen year old Cai Peterson poses as an online troll to
relieve the boredom after being grounded for drinking at a party,
he tangles with a cyberstalker who’s not only willing to make his
virtual life miserable, but his real life as well. As Cai searches for
the stalker, it seems like nearly everyone in his sleepy Texas town
has something to hide. Surrounded by suspects, Cai has to navigate a shifting
landscape of treachery and truth to uncover a hidden enemy before he and his
family pay the ultimate price. Watch trailer on YouTube.
Visit the Cyber Angels website.

Cheval Bayard

Sarah wants to ride Cheval Bayard in a big show; to be on a Mundane
Intervention Team; for Brendan to like her. Suddenly, those things look
impossible. Should she just return to the Mundane world? She might feel
like less of a freak - she is an ordinary human where everyone is magic.
But when she and her friends stumble on a conspiracy, her humanity may
be the only thing that can save both worlds. Watch trailer on YouTube.
Visit the Blue Ribbon Equine Rescue website.


Schuyler Ramsey just wants to be like the other kids in school.
Too bad she’s dead. She haunts a farm in windswept western Ireland,
along with some of its previous inhabitants. When she partially
materializes in front of her sister at breakfast, she is propelled on a
quest to stop a fake TV psychic and ghost hunter from visiting the farm
and stirring up trouble. Along the way, she visits a famous pirate, helps a mermaid rescue a
basking shark from fishermen, and encounters Nicniven, queen of the dark elphs.
But Schuyler soon finds that the Haunted Planet television show is the least of
her problems. As her world unravels, can she find the strength to save her sister
from a monstrous terror? Watch trailer on YouTube.
Visit the Shark Alliance website.

Books for Adults

Marti Keller was married to the man of her dreams and had a satisfying
career as an emergency room nurse. But a soul-shattering tragedy
turns her world upside down, leaving her desperately clinging to the
one precious thing left in her life. After her search for a work-at-home
job leads her to rediscover her long-suppressed ability to communicate
with ghosts, she encounters Spam, the restless spirit of a murder
victim, who begs her to help bring his killer to justice. She agrees, but
her life quickly spirals out of control. Even as she fears she is
descending into madness, a mysterious stranger named Quinn steps
in to catch her fall. He always seems to turn up just in the nick of time.
It’s almost…preternatural. In fact, the more she discovers, the more she finds that
everything she thinks she knows is wrong. And that the worst monsters are usually
hidden in plain sight. Watch trailer on YouTube.

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