If You Don’t Like the Weather

There is an old saying around here: If you don’t like the weather, wait a few minutes. It will change. Last Tuesday, it was 78°F. On Wednesday, it snowed. It was just above freezing, so it didn’t stick (bad for kids, good for drivers). Still, my kids went out and played in the soft wet clumps that drizzled from the sky. We did get a smidgen of accumulation after dark, but it was gone by morning.  Snow is a big deal here. The last time it snowed, my three year old wasn’t even a twinkle. He and I had brought in a half-dozen or so Gulf Fritillary caterpillars that morning, and as I was bringing in plants that evening, I found four monarch ‘pillars. Our average December temperature is 64°F (according to Weather.com). We have something or other in bloom all year round in our yard. We have bees and butterflies all year round, too, although they only come out on sunny days. So where do they go on cold days? Can caterpillars survive snow? Sounds like an NF picture book idea. I put it in my file. Not sure I can live long enough to write all there projects therein. Now there’s another idea: a person has a to-do list/project/mission, but s/he is not allowed to die until it is completed. Knowing this, s/he refuses to do it, lives for centuries. I’ll add that to the file. See what I mean?