School’s out for the Summer

I had intended to take the Creating Your Character’s Fatal Flaw course at Writer U this month, but I got so busy I didn’t get signed up before it started. Oh, well. Not sure I have time this month, anyway. Definitely want to do the July Magic, Monsters and Armor one. I would highly recommend courses here. I’ve gotten some really good information and the price is very reasonable.
We have one tadpole left. The rest are now toadlets. I’ve been cultivating fruit flies for them, plus adding scoops of compost and catching aphids. I hope they grow quickly and can eat crickets and pill bugs before long. I told my daughter she could keep one, but we’d have to let the rest go free when they’re bigger.  I also have three Monarch caterpillars and a huge cluster of swallowtail caterpillars in the kitchen. I think I need to join the AZA…
My son (three) is now on a “tell me a silly story” kick. He’ll say, “Tell me a silly story about a ____.” It’s usually something like a boot or a piece of paper or a cookie. It is certainly a good brainstorming, think-on-your-feet exercise. I’ve even come up with a couple that I wrote down the ideas for – with a bit of fleshing out, they might be pretty good.  I’m very excited that my daughter, who just turned six (kindergarten graduation was so cute!), is now reading Daisy Meadows’ Jewel Fairies books all by herself.