(Not about the book by Laurie Halse Anderson – condolences to her on the death of her mother.)
I was lying on the tile this morning at 3:45. I got up to take some ibuprofen for my screaming, throbbing  headache. I’ve been running a temperature of 102 – 103+ off and on since Sunday night. Doc says, “Seems to be some kind of virus. Come back Thursday for lab work results.” Tile may not be very comfortable, but when you have a fever, it is lovely and COLD. As I was lying there, snippets of thought slipped in and out of my brain. I remembered the desk that was in my room as a child. It was a dark cherry (or cherry colored) wood with a green felt-backed plastic sheet on it. Once when I was probably 10 or 12, I was looking through a folder of musty papers and found some information about my paternal grandfather being ¼ Cherokee. At the time, I found it disappointing that one must be at least 1/8 native to be eligible to live on the reservation. After reading the very talented Sherman Alexie’s book, Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven, I realize that it’s probably not such a bad thing not to live on the rez. When my mom and I moved into her father’s house (he was living in a nursing home) there was ancient, floral wallpaper all over it. When tearing off the wallpaper in the living room, a small gold cross fell out. I always wondered about that cross. Did someone put it there to keep a particular something evil at bay, or was it just a general blessing? I still have it in my jewelry box. Do my cousin’s teeth hurt (she got her braces off yesterday)? It is very rare for me to run a high fever, but I have almost always hallucinated ants when I have one. Today, I hallucinated turtles. Is that significant? I don’t know, but it gives me an idea for a story (but I’ll have to re-evaluate it when the fever breaks for good!).