I am not a huge fan of fireworks. Perhaps it’s the childhood memories of either being bitten to death by mosquitoes, no matter how much Off! we sprayed on, or sitting in the car to get away from them and suffocating. Still, we all went last night to Katy Mills mall, camp chairs in hand, and watched the fireworks. It had cooled down a lot (frightening that 86°F = “cooled down a lot”) and there was a nice breeze. The kids were so excited. My daughter did the thing with her hands where she holds them about shoulder level and stretches out all of her fingers. My son shrieked with delight every time one went off. That made it well worth the getting there an hour early for a good spot and sitting in traffic for half an hour afterward.
I have mostly recovered; I think the 2 days in the hospital on a KCl drip did me a lot of good, even if they never did figure out what was causing the high fever.
I am either currently reading or have in my reading stack: Get Known Before the Book Deal by Christina Katz; Inkheart by Cornelia Funke; Inkspell by Cornelia Funke; Horseplay by Judy Singer.
There is an interesting site that one of my CG friends found: Pitchtopia. The idea is that writers post pitches for their work and agents/editors read the pitches and respond to ideas they like. Sounds like a nice idea, but I’m not sure how they’re going to attract said agents/editors. From what I hear, they are already drowning in work and/or submissions, so they probably aren’t that interested in going out to look for more submissions. Just my theory. Perhaps it will work fabulously. Another interesting concept, freshly imported from Japan, is the cell phone novel. Novel is serialized in 140 character (or less) segments. Two English language sites mentioned in The Writer magazine are QuillPill and TextNovel. Apparently Harlequin is getting in on the act, with their Harlequin On the Go subscription service for cell phones.
Finally, if you haven’t seen this blog, it is amazing and hysterical: Cakewrecks. Sometimes, pictures of really incredible cakes are posted (“Sunday Sweets”). Most times, unintentionally funny, bizarre or just disturbing cake photos abound.