The Sun Did Not Shine

Yesterday, I finished Assignment 2 for my Institute of Children’s Literature advanced course. It took a lot longer than I thought. I had to write a synopsis for a story that I only had the faintest idea what was going to happen. Then I had to do character sketches for the MC and minor characters and a market justification. So, now I have a month or so to work on my other two book projects, Confessions of a Troll and Emily’s Closet. Poor Troll has been mostly languishing since Thanksgiving.
I’ve joined another critique group. This one is strictly online. It seems everyone (including myself) is having the same problem – stalled projects. There was an excellent article in December’s The Writer magazine about getting stalled projects moving again. One of the suggestions was to write a 1,500 word book review as a reviewer from the NY Times who really loved it and understood everything you were trying to get across.