The kids talked to Grandpa today. My daughter even had an actual conversation. This is rare, but it is important. Grandma died last week. She had been very ill for a long time, was in a great deal of pain, and had recently become bed-bound.  I think that no one is happy she is dead, but everyone is happy she is no longer suffering.
Friendly, the kitten, is doing well, getting glossy.  The caterpillars have been growing and pupating. However, when they come out of the cocoons, it is very tricky. If their wings touch anything before they dry, they will never fly. I have seen some gorgeous Tiger and Pipevine Swallowtails flying around, but the caterpillars keep disappearing. I have started bringing in segments of Dutchman’s pipe with eggs/caterpillars. Now, I’ll have to check the front for Gulf Fritillaries.
We went to the Museum of Fine Art on Thursday.  I do not understand modern art. There was an entire exhibit that looked like stuff my two-year old does. There was another one that had a piece that was a time-lapse video of a dead rabbit being devoured by maggots. In that same exhibit was a pink neon creation of a nude woman from the neck down, legs splayed. I’m sure they included it so someone would ask, “Is it art, or is it pornography?”
For the course I’m taking at ICL, I have to have the first 1/3 of my project, which works out to about nine chapters, turned in by August 14. I’m on chapter 6. There is a workshop in Austin in September that I would love to go to, and handily enough, I won a scholarship to an SCBWI event at the June meeting.