Thursday morning, our Pipevine Swallowtails started coming out of their cocoons. Two more came out Friday. A surprise one (I never saw the chrysalis) was out this morning. They seem a whole lot hardier than the Monarchs – none of them have fallen and bent their wings. We went to the sale at my daughter’s new school and she was a bit awed by the whole thing. Then we met up with friends at the Play Castle at Memorial City mall. After that, it was back home for a short rest and on to the Ice Cream Social, to meet her new teacher and see the classroom. My daughter, who started talking at 10 months and hasn’t stopped since, was nearly speechless. Originally, she was scheduled to be in the Vanguard overflow class, which would have a Vanguard curriculum, but not be all Vanguard kids; however, we found that she is now in the 100% Vanguard class. Afterwards, we went to eat at our favorite Thai place, Thai Choice. It is a family owned restaurant, and we go there often enough that the staff knows our kids by name. By this time, my little girl had recovered and proceeded to tell our server all about it. Every detail. My son loves Pad Thai, and he eats it exuberantly. Maybe they remember us at the restaurant because we always feel we need to leave the ‘messy baby’ tip. Friday afternoon, my father-in-law announced that he is getting married in April. It was a bit of a shock, as my mother-in-law’s funeral was less than a month ago. The bride-to-be is a very nice lady and I have nothing against her; it’s just that him scheduling the wedding in the same phone call as he scheduled a mass for his dead wife just seems…ghoulish.