Many books and articles will extol the value of being in a critique group (CG). They’ll inform readers of how other eyes can help catch logistical or grammatical errors. Or how other people asking questions can help develop story ideas or plot twists. All of these things are true, and make a good CG worth its weight in gold. But there is another aspect of CGs that many don’t touch on. A good CG is also a support group. When I arrived at my group leader’s house on Thursday, I was met with not one but two penguin cakes (one for us to eat at the meeting and one for the family) and Mock Mimosas (sparkling apple juice instead of champagne). It was in honor of having my article on oiled penguins published. It was thoughtful, fun and delicious. It really made me feel special and made me want to sit down and write more articles. My CG is a great bunch and I am so honored to be in that group. I’m looking forward to baking the next cake for one of them.