On Monday, we had a new high efficiency air conditioner installed. The old one had needed replacement for years. It limped along until it finally died last August. We thought, “We just have September to get through.” Of course there was record heat throughout the fall. The AC guy who had come to pronounce our unit DOA had told us the best time to buy was January – March, because that’s when the companies have the least amount of work and they are willing to sweeten the pot to get business. He was right. We got some good discounts. Once they got everything in place and cranked it up, we had the thermostat set at 76°F and my daughter was asking for a sweater.
While I was doing research on the many AC options available, I read a white paper on variable speed compressors vs. single stage compressors for high efficiency AC units. My daughter asked so many questions about what the men were doing and how the AC worked, I thought, “There’s bound to be a magazine article in here.” Then again, she wants to go to robotics (day) camp this summer, so an article on air conditioning for 4 – 8 yr olds might have limited marketabililty.