You Can’t Make This Stuff Up

This morning, my spouse and I took the kids to meet up with friends and ride bikes in the park. In one area, there is a pergola with years of vine growth on it and then two small (manmade) hills, one on each side of the circular enclosure. There are often people practicing Yoga, Tai Chi or other martial arts in that area, so when I saw a group of similarly clad people I didn’t pay much attention. However, as we got closer, I saw that they were wearing costumes and makeup. As it turned out, they had met up to have some kind of role playing game. My husband thought it was very sad, but I told him that if it gets them out in the fresh air and sunshine, it can’t be all bad. Later in the afternoon, we were looking through a book called Day Trips from Houston by Carol Barrington. Our 7th anniversary is coming up next weekend, and we were thinking of taking a family-friendly long weekend on the cheap. In the Washington-On-The-Brazos area, there is, surprisingly, an entry for the Live Oak Ranch Family Nudist Resort. So I had to google it. They have dropped the “family” and are billing themselves adult-oriented, hosting the Hedo-fest in May (tagline “Let’s get wicked for the weekend”). The first website where I found them,, listed Meeting Rooms among their amenities (but I couldn’t find it on their actual website). I personally would skip that team building session. The logical half of my brain says, “If they enjoy it and they’re not hurting anybody, what’s the harm?” Emotionally, it’s a different story. It has been my experience that a person’s desire for public nudity is almost always inversely proportional to the public’s desire to see him nude. Anyway, there you have it. One group pushing social boundaries by putting on clothing and another by taking it off. What a gold mine for ideas.