It’s a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

My husband said, “You should just make a collection of short stories about the neighbors.” I had just told him about an idea I had about one of our neighbors who has no regard for personal space. I have several “neighborhood” stories about people who are not quite what they seem.
Today is the first day of an online class I’m taking called Deep EDITS. It is taught by Margie Lawson through Mary Buckham’s WriterU ( site. This is my first class, but a few of the ladies in my CG have taken courses here and said they were very good.
My daughter has been accepted into HISD’s Vanguard magnet program for gifted and talented children. I’ve been running around trying to get all the paperwork together for registration next week. And dance recital. And Pre-K graduation. And her birthday party. And summer activities. Oh well. Sleep is overrated, anyway.