I cannot believe that May is already halfway over.  We had music class Spring Festival, then dance recital, yesterday she turned five and today she graduated from pre-school. Those kids were so adorable. They sang some songs, got their diplomas and sang some more songs. My friend and I sat there and sniffled the whole time. She loved her teachers so, and it was hard to say goodbye. It hasn’t hit her yet, but I remember last summer when she would suddenly burst into tears, saying she missed her friends (playdates not withstanding). I also had to go pick up a check at Children’s Orchard. We’d taken the crib there to sell. The kids never wanted to sleep in it, so it was less a well-loved item and more a big dust-collecting item. BUT seeing it there in the shop made me a little sad. I remembered when I was pregnant with my daughter, my husband and I studied probably every piece of baby furniture ever manufactured for quality, safety and value. I remember walking around in Babies-R-Us, print outs in hand, looking for particular brands and types.  I was still working full time, just from home. I remember the sweaty, burly men delivering, then assembling all of the baby furniture while I tried to test an application I had written (but couldn’t because I was too excited and distracted). Seems like just a couple of months ago, not five whole years.  At this rate, it will only be another couple of months before she’s in college. I need to discipline myself to journal before I go to bed at night. I fear what I will lose if I do not.
Also, I am taking that Margie Lawson Deep EDITS online course from Writer U. It is excellent and I would highly recommend it. I believe that she sells her lecture packets on her website, as well.