I bought a Mexican Milkweed plant to go in the butterfly tent that my daughter got for her birthday. I saw several eggs and thought it would tide us over while we waited for the mail order Painted Lady caterpillars to arrive.  We now have six beautiful jade Monarch cocoons, one hanging caterpillar, and two teeny, tiny stripy caterpillars. We actually got to watch some of the caterpillars convert themselves from fat, juicy worms to green jewels. After they had been hanging upside down for a while, they started to wiggle around. Their skins split open and they shrugged and jiggled until they popped off. The wasps have been patrolling the milkweed that’s outside, so I’ve nurtured these guys in the kitchen. The swallowtail ‘pillars on the Dutchman’s Pipe don’t seem to be bothered. Perhaps wasps don’t like spiky meals.
The Deep EDITS course I’ve been taking is wrapping up. Whew. The material has been excellent, and I would recommend it to anyone. But is a lot of work to APPLY all that newfound knowledge.  I have heard some of the other courses offered by Mary Buckham’s Writer U are very good, and my ownn experience of one supports the hearsay. It is a whole lot of bang for not many bucks.