Edouard, ‘Pillars, Birds and the Big K

TS Edouard has come and gone. Left us some much needed rain, and it was only in the low nineties for a couple of days. We had a mama mockingbird teaching her baby to feed itself on our patio yesterday.  My swallowtails have all pupated and I’ve got a couple of monarchs that will be there soon. The swallowtails look either like space aliens or old leaves, depending on which side you view.  I’ve finished the first nine chapters of my assignment, and now I’m just going through it – have to get it in the mail tomorrow. I spent an hour or so poring over a Scottish slang dictionary last night, trying to find some words or phrases for my half-selkie character. As my husband said, “Bear in mind that they had to use subtitles for ‘Trainspotting.’” I found three that I thought I might be able to use, but I’m not so sure about one of them. I sent an email to my brother-in-law in Scotland to ask if “bletherskite” was really offensive, or just a little offensive.   Summer vacation is winding down – only two weeks and one day before school starts.  It’s one of those happy/sad things. In spite of multiple play dates and/or other adventures, the natives are getting restless. My daughter has started playing school (she keeps putting her little brother in time out because he won’t sit still and do his lessons). All of their activities will start up again. They’ll see friends again (at least six of the kids my daughter went to preschool with will be going to her school for kindergarten).  But we won’t be able to stand together and watch the baby birds learning be grown up birds. No more getting up when we feel like it and having French toast. Oh well, at least there are weekends.