Hungry Squirrel

My daughter has been saving her pocket money and she bought a Slip-N-Slide. I have been setting it up for the kids and then lounging under a tree with a book (I tried taking the computer, but there was too much glare) and a cool drink.  Yesterday, a very hungry fox squirrel  squatted about 3’ away from me to eat seeds. I talked to her a few times and she kept her eye on me, but didn’t seem too concerned. It was just us, two moms, hanging out in the shade. Almost like going to the play park.  After a while, the kids drifted over and we sat and watched as she shoveled whole seeds into her mouth and shells fell out  either side. Tax free weekend looms – I can finish the back-to-school shopping. I only need a few more uniform pieces. Hard to believe that my little girl will be headed off to kindergarten a week from Monday (sniff!). I have been reading Diana Tregarde Investigates, a collection of three books by Mercedes Lackey. So far, I’ve enjoyed it, and I’ve liked the character (very ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer’).  The only problem is, I have really started noticing rhetorical devices, from taking that course, and I find it a bit distracting.