School Started Last Week

School started last week. My elder child has ventured into the wild jungles of kindergarten. So far she’s loving it. She already has computer classes. The only things I remember about kindergarten were coloring, building forts and throwing blocks at each other, and one girl who stood up on a table and took her clothes off.  School started Monday, and Tuesday I was sicker than a dog. I was able to keep my two year-old entertained by vomiting and having diarrhea simultaneously (he cackled and shouted “Again, Mommy! Again!”). None of those “What to Expect” tell you to expect stuff like that.  Wednesday, I felt somewhat better, but then I woke up just after midnight, having problems breathing. I was concerned about pneumonia (seems to be going around lately), so I went to the ER. I got there just before 1 AM. Had a chest X-ray at 3. By 7, I still hadn’t seen a doctor, so I called my husband and gave him instructions on how to get our daughter to school. At 7:30, they took me back to an exam room, but I still hadn’t seen anyone by 8:30. By then I had to leave so the hubster could get to a meeting. Some of the people in the waiting room looked like they were there not so much because they were sick or hurt, but because they had no place else in the world to go. Some of them looked like they needed more medical attention than an ER doc was going to be able to give them. As miserable as the experience was, it did give me some ideas for creepy short stories and a couple of NF articles. Another up side to sickness and disease? I’ve lost 8 lbs. If that wasn’t enough fun and adventure, we discovered that the wet spot on the carpet in our daughter’s room was caused by neither rain nor the cat. Multiple leaks in the kitchen sink/garbage disposal/dishwasher had seeped through the wall. Her carpet and the dishwasher need replacing. So now her mattress is on the floor in our bedroom. Yesterday, I signed up for the Brazos Valley SCBWI conference. One of the faculty is Cynthia Leitich-Smith, and I’m really looking forward to hearing her. Maybe I can even get her to autograph my copy of Tantalize.