Three more action-packed weeks left of summer vacation. I had my daughter try on her remaining uniform bottoms from last year (her skirts were too short by March). Two pairs of pants are almost high-watering, but not quite (they will be, by the time it’s cool enough to wear them); the rest are too small. Tops & dresses are okay.  On the up side, she’s read nearly the whole second volume of Rainbow Fairies (4 books).  Daisy Meadows is the nom de plume of four writers who turn out the copious the Rainbow Magic books. There are rainbow fairies, jewel fairies, weather fairies and a happy ever after fairy, among others. Maybe I should investigate how to get on board with a book packager. Although, I’d probably be assigned to write the Sludge-in-the-U-Bend-of-the-Kitchen-Sink fairy.
I have found a website (thanks to Christina Katz) called Trend Hunter. She recommends it as research for article writing. Make sure you have lots of free time. Lots. If you can’t get inspired/amazed/horrified there, I don’t know what to tell you. Did you know there’s such a thing as brain piercing? Or a strap-on beer belly that you can fill with a beverage of your choice to smuggle into events? That the British government is putting grey squirrels on the pill? Whatever you have in mind, that site is one stop shopping.