Congratulations and Broccoli Wars

Congratulations to one of the ladies in my CG. She just sold a story to Skipping Stones Magazine. Way to go, Kathy. Sure it is the first of many more to come.
Not many parents have children who fight over the last piece of broccoli. “Dad Solomon” cut the piece in half and settled the dispute. Probably a first for the Galveston Chili’s.
Haven’t even turned the computer on since Tuesday evening. Too many spring break activities. We just got back from two days in Galveston about an hour and a half ago. We spent the night at the Commodore motel. There are certainly fancier hotels to be had, but the location was good (Seawall & 37th) and it was reasonably clean. Driving along the seawall was a little sad – all of the buildings on piers were destroyed during Hurricane Ike. I have a photographer friend who took a lot of pictures at the Balinese Room. Wonder if her pix are a hot commodity now.
The kids are sleeping in one bed and the hubster and I are in the other. Our little boy was trying to fall asleep, but complained that he couldn’t. The reason he couldn’t was because his sister kept asking him if he was having trouble falling asleep. She did do something extremely cute: she said, “Okay, make your toes relax. Now your heels. Make your bottom leg relax…” (and so on).
People watching on the beach was good. We were at Stewart Beach and saw mostly families. There were lots of out of state license plates, extremely pale girls in bikinis (and goosebumps) and sunburned beer bellies. The dads obviously weren’t wearing sunscreen, hope the kids had better sense. At one point, I took my daughter to the bathroom at McDonald’s (the one in the Wings beach stuff store was broken). I was very surprised to find a teenage boy in there. He was in line with a teenage girl. Was he an obsessively possessive boyfriend? A brother required by custom to “supervise” his sister (even in the bathroom – yikes!)? Was she being kidnapped (she didn’t appear distressed)? Some sort of witness protection program? He didn’t look especially thrilled to be there, and the women in line didn’t seem especially thrilled for him to be there.  There’s bound to be a story in there somewhere. Back on the beach, packs of teens patrolled the sand – either groups of more or less awkward bikini girls or clans of just filling out boys. It was quite a show, all the strutting, showing off and tactical planning (a clot of girls paused near where my son and I were making a random sand de/construction). If you write YA, the beach at spring break is a great place to hang out.