Most of the caterpillars I brought in when it snowed a few weeks ago have hatched. Two nights ago, the cats knocked over the butterfly habitat (about 2 AM). Yesterday, I had to set it up again and find the chrysalids. When I picked one of the Gulf Fritalaries up, I noticed a bit of wing poking out. I gently held up the end of the cocoon and watched the butterfly climb out, inches from my face. After it finished pumping fluid into its wings, I put it in the habit to let the wings harden. It was raining during the morning and most of the afternoon. By the time it cleared up, it was almost dark. I figured it the butterfly was going to roost all day and night, it might as well do so where it was warm. Around lunchtime today, my son and I took the cage outside and I opened the lid. The butterfly crawled onto my finger. It sat there, wings stretched down in the sunlight for a minute or two. I hadn’t realized that the spots on the butterfly’s body are metallic (wing spots are just white). It is also a very furry butterfly – its entire body had hair, and so did the edges of the wings next to the thorax.
My spouse is away on business this week. We got a new DishNetwork receiver today (the old one died). I hooked it up around 5 and left it to run its program while I bathed kids and made dinner. While I was cooking, my daughter accidentally let Friendly out, and it took us 20 minutes to catch him. While we were doing this, my son, who had been finger painting, and was about to get in the bath, put on his shoes and decided to come out and help. Wearing nothing but his shoes. I made him go back in the house and he stood at the door and screamed the whole time that he needed his pants. I got the cat in the house, the kid in the tub, and dinner on the table. My husband called while we were eating. The kids were very excited and I couldn’t hear him because they were yelling. I stepped out of the kitchen to finish the call. When I came back, the children were throwing corn at each other. I gave each one a dustpan and a whisk broom and they actually did a reasonably good job cleaning up. At 7, we went into the living room. The receiver was still running the same program it had started running at 5 – over and over and over. After several reboots and 4 calls to tech support, they finally conceded that the receiver was defective. In 3-5 business days, we should receive a new one. If we go enough days without TV, we may decide we don’t really need it…
I read The Tales of Beedle the Bard last week. It wasn’t The Silmarillion, but it was good. It added some tidbits, mostly to Book 7 of the Harry Potter series. I think my daughter could enjoy the fairy tales (minus the comments from Dumbledore), and she is way too young for HP. Plus, it raises money for a children’s charity.