Not Quite What I Had In Mind

I was looking at WAHM’s (Work At Home Moms) website yesterday. Wanted to see if they had any writing jobs listed. I was looking at the forum topics and I came across “Sales: Romance Companies,” with no fewer than 14 listings. Romance companies? Do they deliver chocolate and roses with a personalized poem or something? No. They are like Mary Kay parties, except instead of makeup, “marital aids” and “adult novelties” are the featured items. I had a quick flash of my kids getting into that sort of inventory and using a couple of “marital aids” to sword fight. Okay, how about let’s go to Writer Mama, shall we? Gotta get that image out of my head (shuddering).
The kids and I went to Petsmart today to get some aquarium filter cartridges. We came home with the cartridges AND a red claw crab.  Because I didn’t already have enough to take care of. Later, I was out watering potted plants and a Brown Anole hatchling leapt out of the foliage and started licking water off the leaves and trunk of the little tree I was watering. Poor little guy. I know he’s an invasive exotic. But still. I haven’t wanted to release the toadlet/froglets because I don’t think they have a chance of survival in this drought + heat wave. Rain dance, anyone?