The Phantom Emergency

The day after Christmas, I looked at our white cat, Penny, and saw she had red streaks on her tail and one back leg. A couple of red smears decorated the kitchen window, where she often sits to watch the bird feeder. I braved growling and hissing to probe around her tail and leg. The blood looked like it was on top of the fur, not coming from the skin. Could it be a ruptured abcess? Had she eaten something she wasn’t meant to and has internal bleeding? Could it be…finger paint? Yes, the kids left the finger paint kit in the middle of the floor, and right next to the cat food dish was a pot of thick, gooey, red paint. Crisis averted. But with this cat you can never be too sure. She once ate some embroidery floss with a needle attached to it and had to go to the emergency clinic to have it surgically removed. The X-ray made a nifty show-n-tell for the letter ‘X’ in my daughter’s pre-K class last year. Speaking of whom, our daughter is now officially addicted to Webkinz. I told my husband, “Webkinz today, World of Warcraft tomorrow.” “Well,” he replied, “as long as it’s not Second Life.” That game is incomprehensible to me. I don’t have enough time for my first life. I had read an article not long ago about people having personality changes due to their avatars in online games. For example, one woman who was painfully shy became more confident and outgoing because of her online personality. What if there were avatars in a certain wildly popular game that were really creatures from another dimension who wanted to take over human bodies? Smells like a Sci Fi Channel movie of the week. I signed up for Twitter this evening (UserName = “AGreenleaf”).  I’ve also been updating my website. I removed the Podcasts page (which didn’t really do anything) and added a Fun Stuff page (stuffed w/Google Gadgets, which I’ll probably change out from time to time). I added some quotes of the day (one literary, one inspirational) to my Links page.