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Artemis Greenleaf has devoured fairy tales, folk tales and ghost stories since before she could read. Artemis did, in fact, marry an alien and she lives in the suburban wilds of Houston, Texas with her husband, two children and assorted pets. She writes both fiction and non-fiction and her work has appeared in magazines and as novels. For more information, please visit

It Was a Dark and Stormy Night

Alright! It’s 9:00 and the kids are in bed. But, a storm is coming through and the power is out. No internet, but the laptop works fine. And I have three hours of battery life left. I am sitting on the bed and I can see my reflection in the dresser mirror. I look like some mystic with a glowing crystal ball in front of me. Or like the ghost story teller at a campout, with the flashlight held under my chin. It seems like a good night to write a ghost story…

Odds and Ends
I was at a stop sign behind a minivan a couple of days ago. It had a license plate frame that said “LIFE IS SACRED.” In the window, it had a bumper sticker that read, “Go Army.” Is there such a word as oxymoronism?

My daughter-who-will-be-four-in-three-weeks has quite the social calendar. She’s had an average of 1.5 birthday parties per week this month. And she’s got dance recital coming up. Pictures are on Saturday. I’m trying to think how I might persuade her to sit still while I put on her makeup. It almost makes me feel a bit cringy. Hopefully, it is not the insidious start of beauty pageant momdom. I can see the cover of the tell-all non-fiction book now: Confessions of a Pageant Mom.

The trees whip around in the wind, and passing showers of hard raindrops clatter on the windows and skylights. I hope my tomatoes don’t get flattened. I like storms. I Can feel their raucous churning energy flowing through me. I feel the sizzling shiver of lighting in my skin and the thunder echoes somewhere deep inside my being.


I bought a laptop on Monday. I’ve been lusting after one for about a year now. That’s where my tax refund went…

It is great. We set up the wireless gateway on Monday night. Everything was fine. Then the phone stopped working. Then the DSL went. AT&T informed me that a telephone trunk line was severed and they are working as hard and fast as they can to fix the problem.

I had some bills to pay, so we went to the mall. Then I thought, do I really want to access my bank and credit card accounts over an unsecure network? So my hubby is playing with the kids at the play castle and I’m updating my blog. If they don’t get the line fixed soon, I may have to (God forbid!) put paper checks in the mail. I don’t write paper checks anymore.

I hadn’t realized how dependent I had become on the internet. I keep up with friends & family, enter contests, critique and submit manuscripts for critique, pay bills, do reasearch (my NF articles are languishing). I look around. There are at least four of us using the mall hotspot. If terrorists really wanted to cripple America, they’d find a way to take down the internet.