Balloon Ritual

Someone, somewhere came up with the idea of writing things on balloons and letting them go. Might be wishes or messages for the dead, or anything else somebody wants help with. I suppose that is a more modern take on incense. The ancients believed that as it wafted into the air, it carried their prayers up to the Gods. Balloons might seem like a more fun update to this ritual. Except for that pesky gravity thing. What floats up and away from you, floats down somewhere else. Perhaps in a lake or ocean where it can injure or kill wildlife. Maybe in someone else’s yard, where they have to pick up your trash and dispose of it. Just such a balloon turned up in my yard last week.
On one side of the balloon, written in Sharpie marker: “My Dreams
– I dream to fly
– Be a pharmacist
– Open up a pharmacy
– Support my family
– Not to be rich, but to get money I need
– To get two twin girls.”
On the other side was: “Please take these things away from me!
– Hate!
– Unusual sleep!
– Proud!
– Bad words!
– Not letting people learn
– Hurting others
– Steal
– Hide stuff from people
– Not kind!
– Lying”
Now, how about that for a character-creating workshop? Here are the hopes, dreams, and bad habits of an actual person, as they perceive them. Although, I would suggest that if you have honesty issues, a pharmacy is probably a dangerous choice for you. Especially if you have problems with unusual sleep.
Now, I am all for self-improvement. None of us is so perfect that we can’t make ourselves better in some way or another. But I have a suggestion. Instead of degrading the environment to upgrade yourself, try writing the things you want to have/want to banish on a piece of paper. Either burn the paper and bury the ashes or just bury the paper and let it compost in the soil. That’s a much more environmentally friendly alternative to the balloon ritual. That and your innermost wishes don’t end up on somebody’s blog.