Bean Bag Saga

On Friday afternoon, my kids decided to jump on a 2 cu. ft bag of polystyrene bead bean bag filler. The bag did what any plastic bag containing billions of small, nearly impossible to clean up items would do. It ruptured.  They poured about half of it on the floor and were “playing in the snow.” Did I mention that there are Sagans of those monstrous little white beads in a 2 cu. ft bag? When my daughter asked what they were for and why they had to pick them up, I told her they were filler for a bean bag chair, and if they didn’t get picked up, there wouldn’t be enough for a chair. On Saturday afternoon, when we went to JoAnn Crafts to get some fabric for the apron she needs for her school Nursery Rhyme Day a week on Friday, she was determined to get fabric for not one, but two bean bag chairs. Aided and abetted by their Dad, the kids chose dolphin and camouflage fleeces. I spent the rest of Saturday cutting patterns and fabrics. I woke up Sunday with a mysteriously dislocated pinky finger on my right hand and I had to tape it. I spent from about the time the kids went to bed on Sunday until more or less 2AM sewing bean bag bladders, covers, and an apron. The pattern said to use 1.5 cu. feet of packing peanuts for the filler. I poured in 2 (probably more like 1.75) cu. ft. of poly styrene balls. Nowhere near enough. After dropping my daughter off at school, my son and I went to get packing peanuts. Surely two 1.5 cu. ft. bags of peanuts would work, right? After wrestling the peanuts into the bladder (ideally, one should have a helper, preferably one older than three), the chairs were still not nearly full enough (had I created twin black holes?). I added a bag of polyfil each plus assorted fabric scraps and plastic grocery bags to finally get enough stuffing inside. They were a big hit with the kids when we all go home from my daughter’s gymnastics class.  When I showed my daughter the apron, she said, “That’s just what I wanted! Now I need a pink dress to go with it.” Oh well. Sleep is highly over-rated, anyway.
I’m still toying with the idea of going to Austin for a Writer’s League of Texas workshop. I spent all my money at the fabric store on Saturday, so I’ll have to see if they still have space available on Friday, when my patron of the arts is remunerated. If not, Mary Buckham has some good courses lined up at WriterU. The Deep EDITs course I took there was excellent, and I’ve heard nothing but good feedback from friends who have taken other courses.