Cass McBride

I read What Happened to Cass McBride? last week. I ordered it partly because I had been interested in reading it for a while and partly because it this book is widely regarded as a great example of a YA novel with multiple POVs. I have a project with two POVs, and I wanted to see good ways of doing it. While I liked the way Gail Giles handled it in her book, I don’t think that format will work for my project. What I liked best about this book was how she built on what we (the readers) already knew, or thought we knew, and turned it around into something else entirely. In the end the “bad guy”  was such a sympathetic character that I didn’t want him to go to jail. The “victim,” well, maybe she discovered she wasn’t really the person she thought she was. The question in the typical Gail Giles oblique ending is: Did Kyle ruin Cass’  life or save it? One question I did have, and this applies to a lot of YA, not just this one, is if Cass and her snooty friends were so rich, why didn’t they go to private school? Ms. Giles lives in The Woodlands and she gave a talk at one of the monthly SCBWI meetings. She told us that being snowbound in a cabin in Alaska inspired her to write this book. I’m not sure that I would have connected those two dots (Alaskan cabin and brutal high school social issues). But hey, that’s why there are so many different authors and so many different books. I hope have a Halloween podcast (“Moss”) up this weekend. It is ready for the spousal unit to record.
The Ike caterpillars are emerging from their cocoons. I released one Monday, two yesterday, and three today. There are at least that many cocoons left, plus one big fat caterpillar.