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Konrath Challenge

One of my writer friends (@bizarrebooks, you know who you are) asked if I was doing the Konrath Challenge. The challenge is to write, format, design a cover, and publish an ebook in an 8 hour period. I, however, skipped the beer part. They tend to frown on that in the school’s afternoon carpool lane.

I had fun doing this. It was based on a story idea that is probably about mid-way through my idea file, so it’s been kicking around for a while. At this writing, it is still “under review” for KDP Select, but it should go live soon.

Puss in Spaceboots, by Holly Dey. “A talking cat and an ogre. A miller’s son and a princess. People think they know the story of Puss in Boots. They would be wrong. This is what really happened.”