Exit Point

“I start to open my mouth to yell, and water rushes in. I snap my lips together. I may as well be swimming in ink. I can’t tell which way is up. Kicking my legs and flailing my arms, I launch myself headfirst into something hard. I feel hot blood spreading under my scalp, then nothing more.”
Mimi Sepulveda’s world revolves around partying with her supposed friends. Her comfortable life never left space for angels, demons, or gods, until one night a clandestine pool party turns deadly. Mimi’s life hangs in the balance as she finds herself on a surreal out-of-body mission with a dead girl she’s never met. Together, they must correct a tragic mistake which could obliterate the human race in less than a generation. After a glimpse of a terrifying future, she’s willing to go to Hell and back to set things right – but will that be enough?

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