Meador Library Event Yesterday

I had a great time at the library benefit event yesterday. Marianne Dyson did a fantastic job of coordinating this event. Per capita, I did very well – most of the people who visited my table bought something. Unfortunately, there weren’t many capitas. In spite of the disappointing turnout, I had fun talking to the people who did show up, as well as my fellow writers. On the up side, as this was my first event ever, it was a gentle introduction. I got many compliments on my (17th century Irish peasant) Úna costume. I took a few photos at the beginning, but somehow failed to get one of my tablemate, Margaret McManis’ inflatable ostrich costume. She convinced one of the teen volunteers to wear it around near the end of the event. The person’s legs go inside the ostrich’s legs and inflatable legs hang down the sides of the ostrich’s body, so it looks like the person is riding on the ostrich. Follow the link to see her modeling it on her Facebook page. Pam van Scoyoc had a great “your face on the character” photo board (you stand behind the display and poke your face through a hole to have a silly picture of you as a character). I was delighted to have been invited and I’m looking forward to doing more!
I believe the total raised was over $1,300 and a spring event is in the planning stages.

Also, I have set up a coupon code on Amazon so that anyone who purchases Earthbound will recieve a discount and I will donate $2.00 per sale to the library through October 31, 2010. Use this code:  VTSJM4V2