New And Improved (?)

Okay, it’s not entirely new and it may or may not be improved. I thought I would try something different and put my podcasts on my blog, in addition to my podcast site. I have a Halloween story (not for younger kids, Goosebumps age or better) called Moss that I recently added.
I cannot wait for this election to be finished. Come on Tuesday! I am just addicted Rasmussen and Real Clear Politics. I’m getting virtually no work done ‘cause I’m reading all these political articles and/or news. On the other hand, I guess it is material – I don’t think I would ever have dreamed up a character like Ashley Todd, poor little crazy thing. I think I have a project I where could use a character like that. I keep reading about her to try and find ways to make her sympathetic. What had happened to her in the past that would make her think faking being assaulted, going so far as to injure her own face, would be a good idea? What was she thinking? Was she put up to it? How did she get there? How much “news” is real and how much is fabricated?