Pretty Bankers

rarely go inside the bank. But I was there today, opening a new account. It was kind of like stepping into a Scott Westerfield novel. All of the gentlemen that worked there looked like they could be underwear models. It was almost creepy. The cynical side of me wondered if the bank has a hiring bias towards very attractive young men. Perhaps to entice elderly widows into making larger deposits or using more bank services. I don’t mean to sound disparaging – I’m sure they are all well-qualified. And exercise and personal hygiene are good things. It just seemed unnatural to me that there was not a single average-looking employee in the bank lobby. It made me think of Stepford Wives (bankers?) or Eloi. If so, where are the Morlocks hiding? What might be lurking in the bank vault? If they offered gym membership coupons, should I run?