Space City 6

Space City 6 is a collection of short stories from the weird to the
wonderful, all with a Houston flair. We begin with the birth of
Houston in a mosquito—and alligator-people—infested swamp where  a mermaid is intent on stopping human encroachment. Fast forward to  the 1940’s where we join a soldier and his new bride as they  struggle with the challenges of separation due to World War II. We  take a funny and fantastical turn with a Louisiana transplant who  learns the hard way that jackalopes do exist. And they have a
penchant for blood and hard liquor. And then we journey to a darker
side of the city as we find out what happens when an unstable woman  with a loaded gun wreaks havoc on an idyllic community. Follow us on  another twist as we explore the ins and outs of discrimination – all  the new professor wants is to fit in, but students and faculty shun  her as readily as she shuns the light. What’s a vampire to do?  Finally, travel to the far future on a treasure hunt. The Houston  tunnel systems are in ruin and a wealthy real estate tycoon wants to  revitalize, but he soon discovers more than just real estate under  the rubble. This collection is a must for Houstonians who like to  read about their hometown.

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