The Lion is Still Roaring

I am not fond of March. Days like today are exactly why: The sun is shining, the sky is a bright cerulean blue and it is 55°F and windy.  It’s too unpleasant to stay outside and too beautiful to stay inside. My husband keeps threatening to take the children to the bird sanctuary, but it’s a quarter to three and they’re still in their jammies, playing a pirate game with toy ships.
I have just finished chapter 24 of my course assignment – only two more chapters to go. I have to figure out how to break my MC’s foot in chapter 25, because it has to be broken when the big horse show starts in chapter 26. It is due “on or around” March 28.
I am planning on going to the TLA conference on Thursday. I turned in an application to volunteer, so hopefully I’ll get an assignment (that won’t be troubleshooting problems in the internet room!). In the mean time, I have to make a Cat in the Hat bow tie for my daughter’s school program on Friday.