Vampires and Zombies and Angels – Oh My!

It seems like everywhere you turn, this blog or that hashtag is asking, “When will vampires cool off? What is the new ‘vampire’?” Vampires have been popular ever since Bram Stoker came out with Dracula. In 1897.  But here is why I think vampires will never die: freedom.
Being a teenager is hard. Very hard. Teens walk a fine line between being an individual and fitting in. Too different, then you are a freak, an outcast. Too conformist and you are a sheep, disrespected. But vampires, well, they are far outside of convention. They are powerful, strong and they never get old, like mom and dad. Vampires are far superior to the mere mortals who run in cliques and make life miserable for non-cliquees. If one of these super beings, perhaps Edward Cullen, falls hopelessly in love with you, you are elevated by association. And the queen bees (and all their lieutenants) lose their stings. Becoming a vampire means being free from things like death and responsibility.  No growing up, no growing old. No careers and taxes and childcare arrangements. Take that, guidance counselor.
But what about zombies? Okay, maybe not all of them want to eat your brains. But many of them do, and a rotting corpse chasing you, hoping to feast on your warm, pulsating brain is terrifying. Not unlike The Establishment, sucking you in and crushing all of the creativity and fresh ideas out of you until you become little more than an animated corpse, starved for something new and different.
And then, there are angels. People have believed in angels for at least 10,000 years. Angels are all about love and light and oh, yeah, power. Who does not want to be so special that even such a lofty being as an angel cannot help but fall in love? Angels are like the negative image of vampires – all the power and freedom, but light instead of dark; lawful good instead of chaotic evil. With angels, you get all the perks of vampires without the awkward blood sucking part. Angels are what we think we could be if we can only avoid the zombies of the world and be free to follow our bliss.