Weird, Crusty Lesion

I have developed a strange lesion on my right cheek. My daughter insists I wear a band-aid over it. Due to my extensive medical training (courtesy of DermNetNZ, et al), I’m fairly certain that it is a keratoacanthoma. As I was reading all kinds of dermatology sites (many where I am not the primary intended audience) I thought, “I should write an article about this.” My next thought was “I’m turning into Vivian Bearing!” I’m working on a list of questions to ask the doctor next week. Since I’ve started writing magazine articles (in addition to both short stories and novels), I’ve become a magazine whore. If there are free ones (like Skirt or Houston Press), I pick them up. I browse the racks at the grocery store. I’ve been know to sneak out once the kids are asleep and go to Barnes & Noble. Now, which of those will buy a first person article on keratoacanthoma?